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Suit Guide

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The suit Guide
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A modern key look and our favourite all-rounder. Slim, pure, slender. Ideal for your everyday needs.
  • Fit: slim
  • Rise: normal
  • Thigh width: narrow
  • Leg: straight
Slim Fit
Our comfy choice. Well constructed, regular fit, higher waist, wider lapels - this one is your work companion!
  • Fit: Normal
  • Rise: high
  • Thigh width: wide/wider
  • Leg: straight
Shop Regular Fit
Formal look, comfy feel, modern design. This laidback all-in-one solution suits you! Ready for work - or your skateboard.
  • Fit: slim
  • Rise: Normal
  • Thigh width: slim
  • Leg: Gerade
Shop Slim Fit
An iconic fabric for an iconic style - this jogg suit is an instnat classic. Drawstrings, a tapered leg and the wider lapels complement the stylish jerssey perfectly.
  • Fit: slim
  • Rise: short
  • Thigh width: slim
  • Leg: straight
Shop Slim Fit
Frankie says relax! This suit is very modern and super nonchalant - thanks to a somewhat higher waist, a tapered leg and slightly wider lapels.
  • Fit: Relaxed
  • Rise: high
  • Thigh width: wide/wider
  • Leg: tapered
Shop Slim Fit
Mix & match
The suit jacket
Make sure that the sleeves reach your wrists. The shoulder seam should line up exactly with the end of your own shoulder. There should be no unsightly rolls or creases on the back.
The suit trousers
The trousers should not be too baggy at the crotch. That being the case, however, a tucked-in shirt should still not be visible underneath. The trouser leg should break just above the shoe.
The shirt
There should be room for exactly one finger between the shirt collar and neck. The shirt should be closely fitted regardless of body type, but without stretching.
The waistcoat
For an especially elegant look. The colour and cut of the waistcoat should be perfectly coordinated with the suit jacket.
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Due to the current situation, we unfortunately can’t show you all the model styles. If you’re still not sure about the fit of a particular style, simply try it on at home: you can return any items as usual.
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