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Scarf in fine viscose fabric

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Scarf in fine viscose fabric

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Product details

  • Pattern: all-over pattern

  • Style: in a fashionable look

  • Occasion: Casual




  • Type: snood

  • Dimensions: Öffnung ca. 75 cm; Höhe ca. 60 cm

Material & care instructions


  • Fabric: Viscose, woven fabric

  • Quality: high-quality, soft

Material composition

  • 100% viscose

Care instructions

  • Hand wash only

    Hand wash only

  • Do not chlore

    Do not chlore

  • Do not tumble

    Do not tumble

  • No hot ironing

    No hot ironing

  • No dry cleaning

    No dry cleaning


WE CARE: Items with other sustainable properties that go beyond our minimum standards are marked with the WE CARE label.

Certified sustainable fibre

When it comes to certified sustainable fibres, we’re committed to using natural fibres from renewable sources. The raw materials are cultivated via resource-saving methods.

This product contains sustainable viscose fibre. The wood pulp used for this purpose is sourced from sustainable FSC-certified forests. The fibre is produced using resource-saving methods that keep the water and chemicals in a closed circuit so they can be reused for other manufacturing processes.
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