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Slim-fit jeans – slim

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Our slim fit jeans: with a close-fitting design while not being too tight, these classic jeans will fit into any look perfectly. Whether classic in a denim-on-denim look or as a solo piece, your styling options are endless.

What exactly are slim fit jeans?

Slim fit jeans are jeans with a slim leg design. They are quite tight on the leg as well as on the hips bottom. Their slim cut follows the contours of the body so that your legs appear longer. Interesting facts about slim fit jeans:

  • Just because they are called slim doesn’t mean that they are only good for people with slim body types. On the contrary: jeans with a slim leg also give curvy women a very nice silhouette and flatter the figure nicely.

  • The slimmest type of jeans are skinny jeans. They have a very tight cut. A percentage of elastane ensures that skinny jeans fit like a second skin.

  • From the stage to the streets: slim fit jeans rose to fame as androgynous legwear worn by male rock stars, usually in combination with a leather jacket and narrow boots.

Discover slim fit jeans from s.Oliver.

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Slim fit jeans for women: slim-fitting all-rounders

Slim fit jeans are a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. Jeans with a slim leg are possibly the most adaptable of all jeans cuts and flatter every figure type. Thanks to their slim cut, slim jeans have an elongating effect on the legs and do wonders to enhance your feminine figure. At the same time they form the perfect basis for very different types of outfit, whether that be casual, sporty, serious, rock and roll or elegant. We reveal how you can style slim jeans in different ways and get your outfit on point every day of the week.

Slim fit jeans: figure-enhancing styling potential for every day

Trends come and go, but slim fit jeans are here to stay. Slim jeans have long been a staple of the female wardrobe, because they are like no other cut in that they can go with any style. Women’s jeans in a slim fit don’t just enhance the female figure in a particularly flattering way. Thanks to the different designs ranging from simple to elegant, they are also extremely versatile when it comes to styling options. At s.Oliver you can choose from between slim jeans in pale, medium or dark garment washes. Black slim fit jeans are just as versatile as simple blue models. Pale denim models or jeans in gentle pastel tones are a great choice for summer. White slim fit jeans can also look great – for instance, they go amazingly with lightly tanned skin, bright tops and colourful tribal sandals. s.Oliver also has elaborately finished jeans in a slim cut: if you opt for a pair of slim jeans in a distressed or vintage look, your outfits will instantly get a casual touch.

The perfect fit for your slim jeans

To ensure that your slim fit women’s jeans can deliver their full styling potential, it is important to get the right fit.

  • Slim jeans that are too tight have the tendency to stretch, create unsightly creases and also reduce your freedom of movement.

  • If drainpipe jeans are too wide, the fabric will bunch up at the back, hips or legs in an unflattering way.

  • Even if they are meant to be tight, you should still be able to move normally in a pair of slim fit jeans. When you try them on, feel free to sit down to make sure that the trousers fit at the waist and don’t dig in.

  • Do your slim fit jeans pass the mobility test? To find out, bend your leg at the knee and lift it up, squat down or pretend you are climbing a staircase. Slim trousers should not limit your freedom of movement and should not give you the feeling of being “hemmed in”.

You can tell the slim fit jeans have the perfect fit when they hug the figure and follow the contours of the body on the legs, hips and bottom. The denim fabric often includes a percentage of elastane for additional comfort.

High or low waist: slim fit jeans in different designs

Classic-cut slim jeans sit at hip height, i.e. The waistband just covers the hip bones. Slim fit jeans also come in a high-waisted and low-waisted variety.

  • High-waisted slim fit jeans have a high front rise and high waistband. They go up to the belly button and are especially flattering for the female figure.

  • Women with feminine curves look great in high-waisted jeans; on the other hand, they make more androgynous figure types appear curvier.

  • High-waisted jeans in a slim cut conceal a protruding stomach and love handles alike, plus they elongate the legs visually – especially in combination with high shoes.

  • Low-waisted slim jeans have a low-rise waist; their waistband sits below the hips. They are more suitable for slimmer women. Jeans with a higher waistband are better for curvier hips.

What is the best way to style slim fit jeans?

Casual, sporty, smart or elegant? Slim jeans are true all-rounders.

  • Casual and comfortable: slim jeans combined with T-shirts, sweatshirts and trainers are perfect for the weekend. This outfit looks great with a classic trench coat or a cool long blazer.

  • Wear a simple pair of dark slim jeans with a chic blouse, a well-fitted blazer and court shoes, loafers or elegant lace-ups to create a straightforward business look. Models in a vintage look are not so suitable for the office. Go for black slim jeans or dark denim washes instead.

  • With a sophisticated top can extravagant high heels, you can turn your simple slim trousers into a sexy party look. The simpler the trousers, the bolder you are allowed to go with your top and accessories.

  • For everyday wear and business looks alike, you can style your women’s slim jeans with a simple, high-quality jumper or a long sleeve top in conjunction with a cardigan.

  • Slim jeans go just as well with summery sandals or espadrilles as they do with ballerinas, ankle boots or boots. In winter, the slim leg cut means you can even wear them with boots, lined boots or ankle boots.

Top styling tip: Oversize jumper, tunic dress or egg-shaped coat: wear your slim fit jeans with wide, voluminous tops to create an exciting silhouette thanks to the contrasting shapes.

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