Sustainability at s.Oliver

Responsible fashion

As a forward-looking company with strong roots, we are aware of our great responsibility for the future. For this reason, we are taking an integrated approach to sustainability – for ourselves, our fellow human beings and the nature that surrounds us. So that the kind of diverse, fair and regenerative world in which we want to live can thrive. We focus on:

SUSTAINABILITY. It forms the basis of our product ranges and is achieved by using more sustainable materials and production processes.

TRANSPARENCY & INNOVATION. These two principles guide us in everything that we do – from development and product design to our communication with our employees, business partners and customers.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. In 2022, we joined the Fair Wear Foundation, Europe's leading organisation for the improvement of working conditions in textile factories and supply chains. At s.Oliver, we were rated “good” in our first Brand Performance Check from Fair Wear.


A more sustainable product starts with the right choice of materials. We set ourselves ambitious goals to broaden our portfolio of more responsible materials.

Circularity and care

Our vision is to drive the change from the linear fashion system to a circular model. To do this, we are integrating more sustainable standards and materials into all stages of production.

Highlight products

We regularly generate momentum for more sustainable fashion through special highlight products. These styles combine several elements from our sustainability strategy in innovative products.

Social responsibility

We want to strengthen fairness and diversity in our supply chains. That’s why it’s important that we work in partnership with our suppliers to improve working conditions for people in order to achieve this goal.

Environmental protection

The textile industry has a huge impact on our environment. We are aware of this responsibility towards nature and want to reduce our negative impact on the climate and the environment.

Shipping and packaging

Wherever possible, we reduce the use of packaging materials to the minimum necessary. We use certified and recycled materials for all packaging whenever possible.