Back to the roots
The trench coat is and remains an absolute fashion classic. Its characteristic features, such as the button placket, tie-around belt and epaulettes distinguish the trench look and are reminiscent of its origins as a functional jacket for British soldiers.
Classic Meets
feat. Janina Uhse
Janina Uhse shows off the new trench coat in beige, dark blue & peach.
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Classic meets Colour
Everyone can do beige: now the trench coat comes into its own
A new lick of colour for the fashion favourite! Not just in classic beige, but also in soft pastel tones, the trench coat is versatile and matches every situation and circumstance.
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Special goodie
*Receive a free neckerchief with this trench coat. Not difficult to make a decision: we’ll choose the matching colour to your trench coat. Only while stocks last. Only one neckerchief per order.
Complete your trench coat look Free neckerchief*
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