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Our styling partners for your individual look: whether flared, a pencil skirt or in a wrap-around look, our selection of skirts is diverse. Which style suits you?

Proper skirt care

Certain materials such as chiffon, tulle and fabrics with all-over prints are quite sensitive. Follow these tips to prevent colours from fading, stitches from loosening and fabrics from creasing.

  • You should always read the cleaning instructions on the manufacturer’s label before washing. Sometimes, a wash might not even be necessary; it is often enough to simply air out the skirt thoroughly to get back that fresh feel.
  • To maintain the texture and colour of the skirt, use a detergent suitable for delicates or coloured items and avoid using bleach.
  • Select a low spin number when washing sensitive fibres and always air dry your skirts.

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Chic skirts for every style

Be it a classic pleated skirt or a pencil skirt for the office, a warm wool model or a summer skirt made of airy, draped fabric: there are skirts for every season and every occasion, because these comfortable feminine pieces come in just about all shapes and sizes. The cut, fabric, colour and pattern determine the style – you can go for a close-fitting cut, shiny satin fabric or a colourful floral motif. At s.Oliver, you can buy many different types of skirts online. Check out our current range.

Skirts for women: The right length

Tight mini skirt or floor-length maxi design? The occasion, weather and figure type are key when deciding which skirt design looks best.

Because mini skirts end at the middle of the thigh, they are perfect for hot summer days – but only on weekends and in your free time. For everyday office looks, you're better off with a midi design, which goes down to about knee height. The midi length is also great for leisure activities because it allows for more freedom of movement than the mini skirt, which is usually cut to fit very tight. Additionally, the midi length highlights the elegant cut. Floor-length maxi skirts look very feminine and are totally on trend. They look particularly good on tall, slender women.

Summer skirts: feminine cuts for warm days

A skirt with an A-line cut is defined by its very flared design. It is still tight at the hips but then flares out wider and wider towards the hem. This cut accentuates the feminine silhouette and suits women of all figure types. Additionally, the wide, swirling cut is very pleasant on warm days. A fine fabric that swirls with every step suits this type of skirt very well.

A maxi skirt also appears very elegant and feminine. Maxi skirts for the summer are made of light and airy fabric, making them a good choice for warm days. Anyone who likes to show a little leg can go for a design with side slits.

The choice of material is very important when it comes to summer skirts. Fabrics made of chiffon, a cotton blend or viscose jersey are very comfortable on the skin at the height of summer. Jersey skirts are slightly stretchy, which also makes them suitable for a game of beach volleyball or a bike ride.

The summer is also the perfect time to show your colours. A radiant ruby red, mustard yellow or azure blue is guaranteed to spread feel-good vibes. All-over prints with colourful floral motifs or simple nautical stripes are equally summery and cheerful.

Denim skirts and other everyday designs

For everyday wear, you can go for something more casual altogether. Alongside aspects of fashion and style, the practical features of a skirt are also relevant.

Cargo skirts are among the skirts with a sporty cut. They have a straight cut but still ensure lots of freedom of movement. They are made of robust, stretchy fabric. Patch pockets provide lots of storage space for car keys, cinema tickets and tissues.

Denim skirts are very practical both for everyday wear and evening outings. Denim is extremely robust and stands out thanks to its streetwear style. Denim skirts in a vintage style and skirts with frayed hems are especially casual.

Leather skirts can come across very glamorous and extravagant. A smooth leather skirt with studs or gemstones is perfect for a party outfit. Suede with a matte sheen is a more subtle choice.

You don’t have to avoid skirts in winter either: Fine or chunky knit skirts made of wool will keep you warm and go great with a wool coat.

Office-appropriate pencil skirts and formal designs

Classic-cut skirts are great for a formal setting such as a business dinner or wedding.

  • Pleated skirts and plissé skirts: Wide pleats look elegant and give the skirt some fluidity. Heavier fabrics such as taffeta in muted colours are suitable for the office, whereas a multi-layered, pleated tulle skirt in a lighter tone is perfect for a wedding. Plissé skirts in a vintage style are back in fashion as well. Plissé fabric is characterised by its many very fine pleats.
  • Pencil skirt: A pencil skirt is defined by its tight cut and close-fitting shape. It usually comes down to the knee and no further than the middle of the calf. Plain-coloured models in a muted colour or black are generally a good choice for the office.
  • Circle skirts: This type of skirt is very flared and is defined by its bell-shaped design. A tiered look where multiple tiers of fabric, e.g. flounces, surround the skirt produces a formal style.

What to wear with skirts

Blouse or T-shirt? Various tops can go with a skirt depending on its cut. You can use different accessories to make your outfit suitable for the office, casual or more formal.

  • Maxi skirt: Short tops or T-shirts can ensure harmonious proportions when paired with particularly long skirts. You can also tuck the top into the skirt to counteract the skirt’s length.
  • A-line cuts: Pair flared skirts with tight tops rather than voluminous blouses or tops. Anything else would mean that the outfit looks too overloaded. What’s more, always pair a patterned skirt with a plain-coloured top.
  • Cargo skirt: Anyone who wants to accentuate the sporty character of this skirt design can pair it with a polo shirt and trainers. On the other hand, you can create an exciting, distinctive contrast by pairing it with a feminine collared blouse and sandals.
  • Pleated skirt: Regarding proportions, the same thing applies for the pleated skirt as for the maxi skirt: a short top or one tucked into the waist makes the silhouette look slim and feminine.
  • Denim skirt: No matter if you choose a blouse, top or hoodie: a denim skirt goes with anything you want it to. The only thing you will want to avoid is blue-coloured tops, which don’t go so well with denim.
  • Pencil skirt: A blazer or bolero made of fine fabric highlights the formal style. This goes well with court shoes or ankle boots with heels.
  • Knit skirt: Knit skirts look beautiful combined with leather boots or leather ankle boots.

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