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More than just a basic: From slim-fitting to loose, our tops made of high-quality materials will complete your look. Be it casual in a plain colour or with a statement, be inspired by our spring styles.

No more creases: T-shirt storage guide

Anyone who irons their T-shirts after washing usually does so in vain. As soon as you fold them and put them in the drawer they just crease again. Take these tips to heart and you can forget about ironing T-shirts for good.

  • Do you have any space left on the clothes rail? If so you should hang your T-shirts on clothes hangers to prevent creasing.
  • Another option for avoiding creases is to store them rolled up. A large drawer is your best option here. This also gives you a better overview of your wardrobe. This method also works for travelling, so you arrive at your destination with crease-free clothing in your suitcase.
  • If your clothes do happen to be creased when you want to wear them, try the shower trick: Hang the T-shirt on a clothes hanger in the bathroom before you take a hot shower. The steam from the hot water smooths out the creases.

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T-shirts are styling miracles: this is how to style T-shirts for women

T-shirts are the quintessential summer basic. Be it with skirts, jeans or shorts: if it’s hot out, short sleeves and lightweight fabrics will always be the way to go. They come in plain colours, with bright prints, with embroidery and with block stripes – in short: the range of summery T-shirts is enormous. But which T-shirt should you wear with which outfit? Which women’s T-shirts should you definitely have in your wardrobe? Are there T-shirts that are particularly flattering for different figure types?

T-shirt, top or long sleeve top?

The “T” in T-shirt stands for its shape, because if you lay it out flat it looks like the letter T. Whether it is oversized or figure-defining, the T-shirt suits every woman. The cut-on sleeves make them light and airy for hot days without revealing too much skin. Tops don’t have sleeves at all, which accentuates toned arms and creates a nice décolleté. In their simplest form, tops are perfect for sightseeing abroad or for sport; a top with pretty appliqués on the other hand is great for a summer party.

If the weather is too cool for a T-shirt but too warm for a jumper, a long sleeve top is a good compromise: The fabric is thin like a summery top but the long sleeves still keep you warm on cool days. Especially in spring and autumn, this makes long sleeve tops a valuable addition to your wardrobe. The women’s long top is a variation of the T-shirt and long sleeve top. Its hem does not end between the waist and the hips, it reaches down to below the back pockets. Try a long top with leggings and it will give you perfect proportions. Long tops come with either long or short sleeves.

The basics: cotton tops for women

No matter what the fit, cotton tops are an absolute favourite for women everywhere – and for good reason: cotton is a very easy-care material that is breathable and feels pleasantly cool on the skin. Many cotton tops have a percentage of elastane to ensure a perfect fit. Plain-coloured T-shirts are very versatile and are a great addition to patterned outfits. Women’s T-shirts with prints or patterns are a slightly bolder choice. They look amazing with a pair of simple jeans. If you wish to be a little more reserved in the office, you can try a polo shirt, which are usually made of cotton. The collar and button placket are similar to classic shirts and blouses, meaning that a polo shirt also goes great with a blazer or a pencil skirt. At the same time, women’s polo shirts look very sporty – after all they are a staple for golfers.

Chic T-shirts: an alternative to blouses

Special occasion round the corner? If the event is taking place in a summery, relaxed setting, a chic T-shirt is always a good choice. Combining it with a flowing skirt or fine cloth trousers creates a stylish outfit that is both elegant and comfortable. When buying T-shirts, look for elegant, gently draped fabrics that flatter the figure. An example of a material with these properties is viscose; this plant fibre is also referred to as artificial silk thanks to its visual similarity to silk. T-shirts made of viscose are a good choice on hot days, because the fibre is comparatively very breathable. Details such as appliquéd beads and lace add highlights.

Care tips: this is how to keep you T-shirt in good shape

If you’ve fallen in love with a T-shirt, you will definitely want to wear it for a long time to come. To ensure that the colours stay fresh and it retains its shape, you should keep a few care tips in mind.

  • Do not wash colourful T-shirts over 40°C, if possible only at 30°C, and use colour detergent. All-purpose detergent can cause the colour to fade.
  • White T-shirts, on the other hand, should be washed with all-purpose detergent to prevent them going grey.
  • Always wash and iron women’s T-shirts with prints inside out.
  • Don’t put printed T-shirts in the dryer either. As a general rule, it is good to leave T-shirts to air dry: the heat in the dryer can cause the fibres to contract, deforming the top.

Shop modern T-shirts for women at s.Oliver

You can find T-shirts for women in many styles, colours and designs in the s.Oliver online shop. Be inspired and bring a breath of fresh air into your wardrobe – and do so from the comfort of your own sofa. Order your personal selection and try the T-shirts at your leisure in the comfort of your own home. The s.Oliver FIT FINDER will help you find the right size: you just have to answer a few questions regarding your body type, height and usual clothes size. So you can be sure that your new favourite piece fits just the way you like it.