Important e-mails from s.Oliver

Here you will find an overview of the e-mails that are essential for the use of our services and placing orders in the s.Oliver online shop. Unlike our newsletter, it is not possible for you to independently unsubscribe from e-mails from the following categories.

System notifications

All e-mails that are required for the use of our systems. This also includes automatic status notifications, error notifications, registration confirmations and login details as well as e-mails for resetting your password.

Order and delivery notifications as well as payment handling

All e-mails with information about the status of your order. This also includes automatic order confirmations, delivery confirmations and/or delay notifications, reservations and e-mails required for the processing of returns and agreed payments such as invoices, reminders and refunds.

Shopping basket and product availability information

All e-mails associated with the items saved in your shopping basket and/or wishlist must be sent to you. This also includes information on items coming back into stock.

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