sOlivers fitting advice guide

Find the right size quickly and easily with our fitting advice guide

Der Größenberater von s.Oliver liefert die perfekte Empfehlung

Have you found the item you want but you’re unsure of which size you should order? Calculate your perfect size using your body measurements with our fitting advice guide. Simply click on the fitting advice guide for your desired item.

You can find the fitting advice guide from s.Oliver directly on the product page

Der Größenberater von s.Oliver direkt am Artikel

Here’s how it works:

Enter information about your gender, age, height and body shape.

Individuelle Maße für Ihre Größenberatung konfigurieren

Enter information about your gender, age, height and body shape.

The information you enter is compared with information from similar buyers.

Hüftform zur persönlichen Größenberatung einstellen

We calculate your size recommendation based on identical customers who said the item fitted them.

Größenempfehlung aufgrund von Vergleichsdaten von Kunden

Once you get your size recommendation you can continue shopping straight away!

Did you know...?

Once you have used the fitting advice guide, your details will be saved. After that, you will see your recommended size on each product page.

You don’t need to enter your information all over again, but you can change it by simply clicking on the fitting advice guide.

Attention: The fitting advice guide is only available for desktop devices.

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