Our Future Programme


Promoting the circular economy

Our goal: to reduce waste. How we’ll do this: by designing products to be more circular. In doing so, we are helping to reduce the amount of waste generated in the textile industry, both in terms of production and with regard to fast-moving collections and poor quality products.

Responsible production

The use of more responsible materials starts at production level and we’re already paying attention to this. That could be more resource-friendly, organically farmed fibres or recycled materials. You can find more about our material strategy here.

More responsible care and use

To ensure that you can wear your favourite styles as long as possible, taking care of your items is especially important in addition to the quality of the products themselves. Our Care Guide tells you how to best care for our products.

Closing the loop

Our products already contain recycled materials. In order to close the loop, we’re paying greater attention to what happens at the end of the product’s life. That’s, why in 2023, we optimised our 360° denim products, with a view to its circularity.

Circular packaging

We’re paying more attention to higher levels of sustainability when it comes to packaging too. Here you’ll find out why, in our opinion, the circle is the perfect shape.

Next steps

In spring 2023, we launched our first cycle-optimised capsule collection. Since then, we’ve been working to consistently expand our circular 360° product vision with additional products. Get ready and look forward to new 360° styles!


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Shipping and packaging


Questions or input?

Do you believe other topics and different steps are much more important and have questions or suggestions about our sustainability concepts? Let’s talk about it!
We know we’ve still got a long way to go – there’s a lot to do. Your honest opinions really interest us. Get in touch with us at team.sustainability@de.soliver.com.