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Reduction and recycling

Reduction and recycling

Packaging is important for the efficient and damage-free transport of our products. So we cannot do without it completely. However, wherever possible, we reduce the use of packaging materials to the bare minimum. We also use mainly certified and recycled materials to ensure their recyclability.
An example of this is “Polyloop”: the plastic bags, called polybags, in which our products are packed for protection, are made of 100% recycled materials. When goods from our logistics centre are redistributed to our s.Oliver stores, we collect a portion of these polybags to process them back into new polybags and close the loop.


By using shipping boxes that are size-optimised and a really lightweight shipping bag, we can steadily reduce the amount of paper required for transport in online retail. We also conserve valuable resources by continuously increasing the proportion of recycled paper in our carrier bags.

Avoiding returns

Many of our products are already shipped climate neutrally with the emissions offset by investments in environmental protection projects. But together we can achieve even more. Use our online advisor. Alongside a size guide that helps you take your measurements, we also have an interactive size advisor.

What we are going to do next

There are many levers we can pull in the future. Right now, we’re working on introducing reusable delivery boxes, for example, and the use of circular and recycled packaging options.

Circularity and care

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Questions or input?

Do you believe other topics and different steps are much more important and have questions or suggestions about our sustainability concepts? Let’s talk about it! We know we’ve still got a long way to go – there’s a lot to do. Your honest opinions really interest us. Get in touch with us at team.sustainability@de.soliver.com.