More sustainable driving forces

Our more sustainable highlight products

What makes our products more sustainable

We are taking a two-pronged approach in working towards producing our styles even more sustainably: On the one hand, we rely on the use of more sustainable materials, for example certified organic cotton or recycled polyester. Step by step, we are integrating these into all our products.

We also regularly create special highlight collections. They focus on several elements of our sustainability initiative and are driving forces for the future of our fashion. These include our circular 360° products, for example, or the New Gen Fabric Dyeing Styles, where extremely eco-friendly dyeing methods are used.

You can find information on this for all products in the product details in the online shop and on the product labels.

360° Collection

With the 360° products, we are taking our first steps towards a circular economy. The products are designed to be easier to recycle: For this, as few materials as possible are used, and these consist of recycled materials. We also use innovative and more environmentally friendly finishing methods to save resources.

Empowering Farmers

Through our Empowering Farmers project, we support farmers in India to change from growing conventional cotton to organic cotton. In return, we pay a price premium to the farmers from whom we source the cotton in direct and certified supply chains.

New Generation Fabric Dyeing

In order to use our natural resources even more sustainably and efficiently, we use innovative technologies for the dyeing process of our textiles. Thanks to these new generation fabric dyeing processes, we can eliminate water and environmentally harmful chemicals in the dyeing process.

Mineral Dyes

Our mineral dye products get their colours from natural dyes: These are extracted from stones and minerals. This gives each product an individual character and colour, which changes over time and tells its own story.


Circularity and care

Social responsibility